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deeks health foods is much more than a bakery. We are uncompromising in making great tasting, nutritious gluten and grain-free food to help you enjoy life.

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Why Grain Free?

Quinoa is one of nature’s super foods with massive levels of protein, fibre, iron – packed with body fortifying goodness.

Our Story

Before deeks, a grain free life was nearly impossible. Now you can enjoy bakery food and feel great too!

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Christmas is nearly here!

Christmas is nearly here so make sure you place your orders in by Friday 19 Dec 2014 for it to be dispatched o Mon 22 Dec 2014.


who we are helping

We want you (our customer) to enjoy life and we believe that having deeks is the best investment you can make for your health.
deeks is ideal for people with gluten and grain intolerances (like Coeliac disease), but everyone can benefit from deeks’ wholesome goodness. However, don’t expect miraculous results with deeks foods if you continue eating other foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating. We challenge you to go that little bit further for just a week and feel the difference in your overall well being. There are foods and beverages that you know you shouldn’t be having. Try avoiding these altogether, even for a short period (like a week or two). After that, treat yourself with a little reward.

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